Lulani Ocean Neighborhood - Why residents who live here love it

Posted Monday, September 21, 2020 - By Sean Lopez

What makes Lulani Ocean so desirable?  That's the question we aim to answer in this blog.  First, a quick bullet point rundown of the new listing in Lulani Ocean:


  • Four bedroom / three bathroom detached Single Family Home
  • Downstairs ocean view bedroom has a separate entry, wet bar and separate laundry
  • Fully remodel 2020
  • Kaneohe Bay ocean views throughout
  • 33 PV panels for low electricity cost (system prepaid through lifetime)
  • Ice cold A/C throughout
  • Massive picture windows and sliders create a bright interior
  • Multiple exterior decks
  • High ceilings
  • 55,000 square foot lot with residential / preservation mix
  • Two home CPR with no maintenance and a gated driveway for exceptional privacy
  • $1,550,000 FS

The details go on and on, though you can check the listing online to view additional info, pictures and the video (coming soon).  

Meanwhile, back to the question... what makes Lulani Ocean the desired neighborhood that it is.


A quick glance at the Google World overview of the neighborhood answers a big chunk of our question right upfront.  Lulani Ocean is geographically bordered by raw preservation land on the west, Pacific ocean to the east, and just a narrow strip of neighbors north and south.  It's one of the neighborhoods on Oahu where a drone flyover shows more green than concrete.


The high slopes of Pu'uma'eli'eli ridge separating 'Ahuimanu neighborhood from Lulani Ocean neighborhood provide the perfect topography for the water view homes of Lulani Ocean.  Situated like an amphitheater, the ridge hugs the coastline, allowing front row seats for oceanfront homeowners and equally impressive views for the top row.  There are very few "bad seats" in this amphitheater.


Lush is an understatement.  Black thumb? No sweat!  Everything seems to grow in this microclimate, keeping the surroundings bright green even during the dry summer months.  If you've ever thought about purchasing the shirt on Amazon that reads "INTROVERTED but willing to discuss plants," this neighborhood may be a comfortable fit.  Of course, I exaggerate a bit for the sake of making my point.  Kahaluu has one of the most active neighborhood boards on the Island, and the general theme is preservation of nature over development.  The mostly unspoken theme is shared almost unanimously by the homeowners and occupants in the neighborhood, some of which first established in the 1950s.


I've spoken with over a hundred neighbors in the last few years, covering topics of lifestyle and landownership in this hideaway windward neighborhood.  Many make it daily and weekly habits to engage with the ocean or land in one way or another.  One neighbor chooses to get his workout in paddling his one-man across the bay regularly.  Hiking, fishing, paddling, exploring.  This neighborhood has the natural playground that folks think of when they envision Hawaii from afar.

If you can see yourself living in a place like this, feel free to reach out.

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